Puffin & Wildlife Tour

The Puffin Tour is very popular, the only downside is that people don’t want to leave! The island is part of the Treshnish Isles Special Area of Conservation which is a highly important area for seabirds. There can be up to 3000 puffins on the island in addition to other seabirds such as razorbills, guillemots and fulmars to name a few. 

Around the cliffs of the island there are numerous burrows where the puffins nest, and later in the season you sometimes watch the hatched pufflings (baby puffins) poke their head out for a look. On the puffin tour we are able to get very close to the burrows and watch the adults fly back and forward bringing fish to the burrow. We always ensure that we don't go too                                   close and disturb the birds.

This is a photographer's dream and trying to capture the 'puffin with fish in beak' shot is the frustrating but challenging task. The puffins only land for a few seconds before heading into their burrows. The puffins form pair bonds and spend the winter out at sea, heading back to the island around early May and stay till the start of August.

We always have a guide onboard who will keep a sharp eye out for all the wildlife and will accompany you on the island. Landings will be via small dingy so a basic level of fitness is required to hop on and off the boat and land on the island. We would advise you to wear sturdy footwear for the island landing.

 Please see our itinerary below.

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Our day starts in Oban North Pier opposite the Regent Hotel or Dunstaffnage Marina, where you will be checked in then briefed on the day's plan and safety measures.


Wildlife watching, looking out for seals, dolphins, whales, sharks and 2-3 hours on the island for puffin watching.


Depart the island


Comfort break in Tobermory


Return Oban

What's Included

  • Amazing wildlife, scenery and culture
  • Onboard binoculars, books and information guides
  • Knowledgable guides 
  • Escorted low-impact tour of the seabird's island
  • Hot drink and home baking snack once back onboard

What's Not Included

  • Weather or wildlife guarantees! The number of birds vary on a daily basis and when at sea we have chances to see all of the iconic species of the area
  • Lunch - please bring your lunch with you.
  • Accommodation 
  • Transport to Oban or Mull - see this link to travel to Oban. For international clients or groups we can arrange buses from Edinburgh or Glasgow.