Scottish Basking Shark Sightings

Underwater shark 2 web 150x150 Scottish Basking Shark SightingsWe receive a number of Scottish basking shark sightings from the public located all over Scotland. We collate these to help with the big picture of trying to understand the sharks migratory patterns. The marine conservation society and shark trust all collect national data to provide to the relevant scientists. However we endeavour to capture the Scottish sightings to provide as one complete data set. The more people that can submit their own sightings the better and this can capture a much larger data set, than any of the individual groups can. In this way we can be the scientists fieldworkers as they only have limited budgets to be in the field for short times.

In addtion to the sharks seen on our trips around the Hebrides we have been compiling sightings records from all over Scotland including the east coats around Caithness, Moray, Shetland, Lewis, Coll, Tiree, Mull Arran, Borders and the Clyde. Please use the form below to submit your own sightings. If you have photos you can email them after submitting the sighting. However to be used in the photo-ID catalogue then it need to be very close up on the dorsal fin. If in doubt please ask us.


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