Swim with Killer Whales

Orca – 2015

The world’s most intelligent predator, Shane has swam with them in New Zealand and narrowly missed seeing them in Scotland in 2013. However the place you can really have a good chance of swimming with them in is Norway.So this is your chance to swim with Killer Whales. Or we prefer to call them Orca.

The Orca chase the herring in the fjords and we will hunt around looking for signs of them, then have the opportunity to swim with them (see piccies below).  It will be a three day /3 night trip (plus travel time) which includes exploring the fjords and chances of the northern lights. For divers we can also jump in at night to check out all the critters.

It is winter so the water (and surface) will be cold – drysuit territory or maybe a super thick free-dive suit. We can hire thermal surface suits and full drysuits there, or we can fit you out with one here prior.

It’s all snorkel/swim encounters with the Orca, no scuba diving. So this means anyone can take part. Same skills/fitness required as to shark swimming, basically getting on/off the boat and a bit of finning to get a view of these amazing cetaceans.

We are running a trip here in February 2015 and taking provisional interest now. Maximum guests are 11, any more and there is less time for the groups in the water as we’d have to split boats- similar way to how we run the shark trips.

This is definitely a big ticket trip and will be approx £1750- £2000 but at least there is a lot of time to save up!! Flights are pretty cheap and direct from the UK!!

We are heading over Feb 2014, to check everything out so will be posting more information following a successful trip there. At the moment, we are taking interest by email and have a little group email list going which we’ll update as we go.

Contact us here for more information.

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