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Swim with Killer Whales / Orca – Tours to Norway

Orca Group Crop 1 Swim with Killer Whales

Swim with Killer Whales / Orca the world’s most intelligent predator! The best place you can really have a fantastic chance of swimming with Orca in is Norway – but don’t worry this population are specifically adapted to eating fish. The Orca follow the southerly migration of herring into the coastal fjords of northern Norway at the southern extremity of the arctic circle.

During this migration we time our expedition to coincide with the peak of the action. Along with the Orca, there are chances to see the majestic humpback, sei and fin whales, along with sea eagles, otters, seals and a variety of seabirds. This is all set against wonderful mountainous landscape and magical sunrise/sunset light.

Norway Aurora 1 300x200 Swim with Killer WhalesWith our location also being in a northerly latitude there are great chances of aurora borealis or northern lights. Our base has very little light pollution and there are very good opportunities for stunning pictures. If you’re a bit unsure of how to take great photos, we’ll be on hand to run a workshop.

Our in-water encounters are all snorkelling/swim encounters with the Orca, no scuba diving. So this means anyone can take part with the same skills/fitness required as to shark swimming, basically getting on/off the boat and a bit of finning to get a view of these amazing cetaceans. There can be a lot of swimming around required so some fitness is needed. The weather can be challenging so the right equipment is a must, along with the right attitude.

Orca trip FB 6 300x190 Swim with Killer WhalesWe don’t take large groups or into mass numbers at all (maximum 8 guests per boat). This is a premium wildlife experience and in a challenging environment so we tailor the trips to be as such. Places are extremely limited so booking well in advance is recommended.

We are based on a idyllic island and lovely lodge style accommodation, the trip is fully catered and is suited to everyones tastes (vegetarian included).

Rooms are on a single basis with a reductions for couples or if there are same sex passengers willing to share (dependant on other booking guests).

Dates 2017 ( open boat / cabin boat spaces left as of Feb 2016) 

Please see individual details about each boat in the brochure below, both have plenty of open space for viewing whales but one has added comfort/warmth for travelling at sea.

All remaining spaces are single occupancy only.

Week 1 -13th- 20th January 2017 ( FULL / 1 SP)

Week 2 – 20th – 27th January 2017 (FULL / 1SP )

Week 3 – 27th January – 3rd February 2017 ( 1SP / FULL)

Full details and prices in our pdf brochure - orca 2017 brochure 

Please note, following the Brexit vote and the devaluation of sterling there is now a surcharge on this expedition. Please email for details.

To book your please fill in this online form, requesting the specific week you want and room request!

See our tour video and images from previous trips below.


Screen Shot 2015 07 13 at 13.58.56 300x152 Swim with Killer WhalesFurther to these dates we are also hoping to take a small group via live aboard. This a very high-quality professional operation with dedicated staff and the founders of USEA.  We are able to scuba dive on these tours which is an added bonus and allows more flexibility with changing locations which is another good tactic when looking for highly transitory cetaceans.We need minimum numbers to run a trip with them but hope to return in either winter 2017. The live aboard  trip would suit people who are more used to expedition style tours, in close quarters with your fellow expedition members and without the shore comfort.

See below for some pictures and video from 2015/2016.

Watching the pod from the boat

Orca & Humpback chasing Herring in 2016

Humpbacks Interact with Free-Divers in 2016

Amazing underwater footage taken in 2015 by Alex! Unreal!


Norway Fjord 1 Swim with Killer Whales

Lovely light in the dawn/dusk period – makes this a hugely productive area for photographers!

Norway Aurora 2 Swim with Killer Whales

Pod transiting the area! Breath-taking to watch this at close range!

Norway Aurora 1 Swim with Killer Whales

In 2015 we had the best Northern Lights/ Aurora display we’ve ever had on our tours!

Norway Orca 1 Swim with Killer Whales

Orca surfaces spectacularly

Norway WTSE 1 Swim with Killer Whales

White-Tailed Sea Eagle

Screen Shot 2016 01 26 at 20.05.40 Swim with Killer Whales

Fin whales swim right underneath us, 2nd biggest mammal on the planet!!!

orca Swim with Killer Whales

Pod of Orca

Orca trip FB 10 Swim with Killer Whales

2 large Humpbacks with Free-divers, we had some great interactions here!

Orca trip FB 8 Swim with Killer Whales

Orca Art!!!!!!!!

Orca trip FB 7 Swim with Killer Whales

The light at this time of year is incredible! Another stunning sunrise (at lunchtime!)

Orca trip FB 6 Swim with Killer Whales

Orca surfaces

Orca trip FB 5 Swim with Killer Whales

Capturing the orca can be tricky, in fact we had Orca all round the boat at this moment.

Orca trip FB 4 Swim with Killer Whales

More Orca!

Orca trip FB 3 Swim with Killer Whales

This was taken at last light, when the orca had trapped herring against the rocks. The big male even grounding himself in the swell! Amazing animals!

Orca trip FB 2 Swim with Killer Whales

Humpback fluke at sunset!

orca blow light  Swim with Killer Whales

More incredible light at sunset, this time the sunset is caught on the spray from the orca blow- magical!

orca 24 01 Swim with Killer Whales

Orca creates a little wave as it surfaces to breathe!

Orca sml Swim with Killer Whales

An orca underwater makes for a unforgettable encounter!

northern lights week 1 Swim with Killer Whales

Some of the northern lights / Aurora we had on the tour

Lunge Feed Swim with Killer Whales

Lunge feeding humpbacks, to witness this close to us was something you will never forget.

Luke Orca Swim with Killer Whales

A large male orca with Luke!!!!

aurora 23 01 Swim with Killer Whales

Some nice patterns from the Aurora


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