Swim with Killer Whales

Swim with Killer Whales Orca – 2015

Screen Shot 2014 11 19 at 19.12.14 Swim with Killer WhalesSwim with Killer Whales the world’s most intelligent predator! Shane has swam with them in New Zealand and narrowly missed seeing them in Scotland in 2013. However the place you can really have a good chance of swimming with them in is Norway.So this is your chance to swim with Killer Whales. Or we prefer to call them Orca. The Orca follow the southerly migration of herring into the coastal fjords. Exhibiting corralling behaviour to gorge themselves on the fish. We will timing our expedition with this migratory pattern using the previous few years sightings data.

Along with the Orca, there are chances to see the majestic Humpback, Sei and Fin whales, along with Sea Eagles, Otters, Seals and a variety of seabirds.

Aurora Norway 300x199 Swim with Killer WhalesWith it also being in a northerly latitude and in a active sun year, there are great chances of Aurora borealis or Northern Lights. Our base has very little light pollution and there are very good opportunities for stunning pictures. If you’re a bit unsure Shane will be running an Aurora photography workshop!

It’s all snorkel/swim encounters with the Orca, no scuba diving. So this means anyone can take part. Same skills/fitness required as to shark swimming, basically getting on/off the boat and a bit of finning to get a view of these amazing cetaceans.

1601329 260842864092534 878000616 n 300x200 Swim with Killer WhalesWe are running a small trip here 22-28th  January 2015 and have very limited spaces. Maximum guests are 4 at this time. This is definitely a big ticket trip and costs are around £1700. However that covers everything apart from flights and thankfully they are pretty cheap and direct from the UK!! Along with having good connections internationally!

We hope to have a longer and fuller schedule from 2016 onwards if you’re interested and can’t make this seasons trip!

Contact us here for more information, get in quick for this season as places limited, otherwise register your interest for 2016 and beyond.


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