2014 Basking Shark Season Video

We've just released our 2014 Basking Shark season video. Following on from last years epic viddy action we unleashed our guide and crew Luke with his video skills and drone into the Hebrides. We've captured some fantastic shots of multiple species and landscapes which showcases what our trips and local area are all about. The pelagics species shown include Basking Shark, Minke Whale, Common and Grey Seals and of course our epic encounter with the rare visitor the Oceanic Sunfish (Mola mola). Although not all our statistics are not completed we sighted 147 individual sharks during the 2014 season. Although it has been rated a poor year around the UK for basking sharks, it shows that the Hebrides and Basking Shark Scotland are the winning combination. The video is a small taster of the highlights of what we get up to in the Hebrides and we're looking forward to the 2015 season next year. We're currently in major planning mode making all the necessary arrangements for our schedule. Keep an eye on the blog and facebook/twitter feeds for the latest information and if you want the freshest and direct info, sign up to our email list.

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