Basking Shark -  Hebridean Arrivals

Basking Shark, Fin, Hebrides, Mull, Coll, Tiree, ScotlandThe basking sharks have arrived WOOHHOOOOOOO!!!!! Amazing to get the first sharks of the year after 9 months!!! After a few rumours of sharks over the last few weeks we timed a great weather window and tracked 5 basking sharks over the our day out in the Hebridean sea. The timing is about 2 weeks earlier than our first trip last year, however we do know they arrive in May but in smaller numbers so we don;t normally schedule trips till later on in the season. We noted 3 females and sizes were 4-6m, one of the females had a large number of parasites so perhaps indications of a long time travelling the seas. (see earlier blog posts on breaching). Although we couldn't get an ID shot it would be interesting if we could track this individual and see if she had parasites later in the year (perhaps adding to breaching theory). The water is alive with plankton at the moment and our samples showed a high number of copepods and crustaceans ( mmmm nutritious big fish food!). The early summer plankton bloom looks like it will setup a great year and where theres food there are fish!! See a small article in the Scotsman newspaper this morning here - http://www.scotsman.com/news/environment/bumper-basking-sharks-season-off-scotland-s-coast-1-3429679 Basking shark trips will now run on weather/sightings/minimum numbers policy. So if you want to get out there, email or call in and we can see what trips we can put together. These will be mid-week and in addition to our schedules trips over the next few weeks. We still have spaces on our photographers and adventure week w/c 28th June - 5th July. [caption id="attachment_2616" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Basking, Shark, Plankton, Mull, Coll, Tiree Basking Shark feeding on abundant plankton[/caption]

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