Basking Shark Scotland in X-Ray Magazine

Check out the new magazine article by  photographer and journalist Lawson Wood has written for the super cool X-Ray Magazine! They do lots of neat articles so go have a look here- http://www.xray-mag.com Lawson was out to the Hebrides with us on the last trip of the 2013 year and was lucky when we had a large numbers of sharks and encounters galore over our 2-day trip. What a way to end the season! I can't remember off the top of our heads (and would need to go and check the records) but we had over 30 and there must have been 2-3x that number around at least! However we can only swim with so many!!!! This was the trip where we made a amazing new discovery but that's a story for another time and all kept under wraps for now! Tune in later in the year for more on that. We're really pleased about the scientific and factual content which sometimes gets a little bit swayed in the media. We also love thais part and it's what we're been telling everyone.... '...it is now reckoned that there are more basking sharks found in Scottish waters than any other place on the planet' This link directs right to the pdf article - http://www.xray-mag.com/pdfs/articles/SharkTales_LawsonWood_59_locked.pdfwww.xray-mag.com sun-sharks1

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