Basking Shark Scotland joins Global Shark Diving!

Global, Shark, Diving, Code, Shark, Diving We're very pleased to announce that Basking Shark Scotland have been accepted into the worldwide alliance of shark diving operators called Global Shark Diving. This is an alliance of operators who stand out from the crowd by their  commitment to conservation, operate with codes of conduct that is based on environmental best practice and operators who facilitate or conducts shark research. We are very proud to be flying the flag for basking sharks, where we operate in the best worldwide hotspot for these sharks! Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 12.16.46 However it's also very pleasing to have our environmental credentials and practices recognised. These are things that set us apart as an operator  and some of the attributes that contributed to our inclusion include some of the following;
  • We work very hard on our code of conduct which ensures that we have little or zero impact on our sharks. Our CoC is unique having a blend of recommended practices along with cherry picked entires from other operators we have experiences and worked with worldwide and including some specific one to working in the north Atlantic!
  • Our staff and guides have scientific qualifications in marine biology and professional diving along with our skippers having a wealth of local knowledge.
  • We contribute to research through our sightings, photo ID and observations work along with collaborations with university research such as Marine Conservation International/Heriot-Watt with Dr Mauvis Gore. We're currently writing some scientific journals on new discoveries but that's one to keep under our hat for now!
  • Our equipment is of a very high standard such as our Redbay Boat platforms , which
We are humbled to stand alongside very experienced and ground breaking operators in the shark world. The current founder members are  Beqa Adventure Divers in Fiji, Jim Abernethy's Scuba Adventures in the USA, Mike Ball Dive Expeditions in Aussie, Nautilus Explorer & Nautilus Belle Amie of Guadalupe/Socorro, Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions in Aussie, and the Undersea Hunter Group of the Cocos/Malpelo. Amazing destinations around the world but very high calibre operators within their respective shark world. One of the great advantages of this alliance for Basking Shark Scotland customers is that we can now issue (free) Global Shark Diving membership cards to you which will entitle you to discounts at all these operators. So you can feel welcome as part of the sustainable shark operator family, but at a cheaper rate! This will be arranged in due course for all our customers from our 2015 season onwards but any of our existing or previous customers can request to be members if they are interested. You can see our own page on Global Shark Diving here, but you should already know all about us!!!!! But check out some of the other amazing sharks, destinations and operators too. There is still a lot to be added onto the website in due course so keep checking back.

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