Basking Shark Summer Hebrides




















'Hannah' the Female Basking Shark - Image by Michael Eisenbart (see his Insta page here )

As ever we're always super busy being well into our peak season out in the Hebrides. As ever we have a mix of conditions and experiences with the usual stormy days thrown into the mix. Life is never dull on the edge of the Atlantic and last week we had a huge contrast of wildlife and conditons on our week long tour. On our first day an amazing encounter with the large bull orca John Coe, then an even rare sight for us was a pod of Risso's dolphins. Lovely encounters with grey & common seals whilst snorkelling in the clear waters, snorkelling and diving on a shipwreck, trips to see the Puffins before they leave, down to Fingal's Cave and of course encounters with basking sharks. As ever the longer tours getting the most sightings and smoothing out the ups and downs of the weather.

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