Basking Shark Train

It's been a fantastic basking shark season in the Hebrides with many memorable days and encounters! Here's an example of one of the great days and this one was even just day tour! We always advise people to book as long a tour as possible as the shorter ones and much more weather effected in terms of chance of success. However if you are very lucky then you can book on a day where the weather and sightings are fantastic! We joke about people rolling a double six! 

The video below was on one of those days and Shane captured this amazing footage from our drone. This basking shark train was all females after we found out when we snorkelled with them and all were happily hoovering up the abundant zooplankton. Our big vessel Cearban Mhor is 12m long so the drone footage gives a good perspective to accuratly size the sharks! Let us know what you think!



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