Breaching Basking Sharks - Our First Collaborative Scientific Paper

We’re proud to share the news of publication of our first collaborative scientific paper. We have a long standing partnership between Mauvis & Rupert of Marine Conservation International / Heriot-Watt University for our science and conservation side. This paper is the culmination a few years work given the amount of interesting behaviours we see during our Hebrides season.

We hosted Heriot-Watt student Lotte Abels who was assisting with observations of basking sharks during our tours and collecting information and data on what we were seeing. Specifically about basking shark breaching, swimming behaviours, mating scars, courtship displays much of which was observed during the summer season of 2016.

Observations were also made using drones during calm weather where feeding along tide lines was evident and during this time we were also lucky to be to see a breaching event from the air. 

The full paper was published in the Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom and can be seen on this link. The abstract can be seen below along with short basking shark breaching video, taken during one of the trips. During this instance there was a number of simultaneous breaches, where this was the same individual or a number of different individuals is unknown. 

Alongside hosting students during our tour season we have a variety of observations and data gathering around specific projects. We gather public basking shark sightings, along with a dedicated research expedition which is looking at basking sharks in the clyde during autumn. For more information on all our science work around basking sharks, such as our marine plastic survey this year, then see this page here.



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