Brexit Effect - Reduced Cost for Overseas Clients

The time to book a basking shark expedition is 2017!


During the recent political Brexit turmoil in the UK, unfortunately the pound sterling has lost value against many other international currencies. Although there are many scenarios and outcomes from what may or may not happen, outside of any political discussions, we are suggesting there are some short-term benefits for our tourism clients for this coming shark season! Of course the political situation is very fluid, making future predications difficult to foresee so our information below may not be valid in 5 minutes, or it may last for a whole year - who knows! 




For those of us living in the UK

All of our overseas travel has now gone up at least 15-20% making holidays much more expensive. If wildlife experiences is your passion then why not consider a holiday at home this year? We have a world class wildlife experience on your doorstep so why not take advantage of the situation!? It’s likely things are going to go up for us in the near future so it’s a great time to come visit before they do! 


For those travelling from Overseas

For those travelling to Scotland from oversea, our tours have now reduced in price from last year due to the strengthening of your own currency against there pound sterling (GBP). See below for an example based on our 3 day tour, and the pound sterling vs Euro and US Dollar. You will see for a rough example based on sample exchange rate from last week, which has resulted in the price reducing for you by around 15%. However the actual cost will be determined at the time you book the tour, which may be even less depending on the currency situation at the time.





Our suggestion is that 2017 will be a great time to visit as although there may be some advantages of the political turmoil. This will likely translate into higher inflation and costs, meaning that everything is likely to go up in price for 2018. So savings on currency will probably be at the most advantageous for this coming season!

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