Corona Virus / Covid19 Update

Covid19 Information -Update April 2022

The restrictions allowed us to operate for the peak summer in 2020 and from May onwards in 2021 and thankfully we're still in business to tell the tale. It's been a rocky road and we're really grateful to be still be able to do what we do! Thanks for everyone that supported us through this tough time.

We're relieved as anyone to be hopefully through the worst of the pandemic, however we also know that Covid hasn't gone away and after a troublesome couple of years and a small team we can ill afford to all get sick and have to shut down and cancel tours for people that have travelled far. We still operate around the Hebrides, in communities with many older vulnerable people, who are remote from easy access to medical assistance that we take for granted on the mainland.

As such we will we be cautiously trying to move through 2022 as we progress to try and live with Covid without restrictions. We will review things at regular intervals as will contact people prior to their tour to let them know what we'll be doing for their visit. 


Something no one will mind continuing we think! We'll still have hand sanitiser on the boat, tissues and bin for those runny noses.

Instead of spitting in the masks as an anti-fog measure, we'll keep mask spray for defogging your mask available. Maybe this will be a trend that stays!!

For those renting gear from us we'll still disinfect the rental masks/snorkels to make sure it's all as clean as it can be for the next user. Along with all the other usual cleaning measures.


Face coverings

Thankfully we spend a lot of time outdoors, swimming, snorkelling and watching wildlife which is already nice and safe. However we still have the issue of our enclosed cabins on the boat. A nice dry and cosy place for during bad weather but it's also a place where people can be all seated together without much ventilation.

Our main problem is that if our skippers and/or guides contract the virus and are not able to work. You simply can't replace these staff at short notice so we would have to cancel tours whilst they were sick. This situation is not good for our next passengers who may have travelled far for their trip with us, and also not good for our business which runs on a very short season. So as such, we'll ask everyone to continue to wear a face covering when they enter the enclosed cabin. 


We'll continue to ask you not to travel if you have symptoms or have the virus for all the reasons above. 

In terms of travel, we see Covid no different to any other times with regards to insurance. E.g you would always have travel insurance pre-Covid incase you broke a leg or got sick before a trip. So when booking a trip just make sure you have appropriate insurance to cover all eventualities. For our T&C's then please see here.






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