Corona Virus Update

A wee dose of the Corona.....! Update Fri 13th March 2020.

We’re starting to get enquires about how the Corona virus situation may effect our tours. Currently we have very little to no effect in the Scottish Highlands, there is lot of wilderness and wildlife here so for once our remote location is beneficial! 

Our spring tours are running as normal and we may introduce additional cleaning and hygiene measures on board if required, following advice on best practice. 

Our peak season tours are all a few months away yet and we are operating business as usual position for now. Our opinion is that it’s likely that this situation will have blown over by the time the sharks have arrived back and there’s no need for any drastic measures. 

One piece of advice would to be to make sure you have appropriate travel insurance to cover your travel plans. Unforeseen circumstances can effect any time you plan to travel, so this is no different to normal.

We’ll monitor the situation as it develops and re-assess as required. In the meantime since the Corona doesn’t survive in the sea, we’ll spend as much time in there as possible!!!

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