Countrywise Basking Sharks with Liz Bonnin

For those who may have missed the TV broadcast you can see the video below. It was great to host Liz Bonnin and her crew, as they filmed a small part of their Countrywise series with us this summer on the basking sharks. [caption id="attachment_3503" align="aligncenter" width="960"]Liz Bonnin, Countrywise, ITV, Basking, Shark, Scotland, Boat, Film, Camera, Crew Liz & crew spot the first Basking Shark[/caption] We took the guys out through some of our favourite spots to show them some of the area we explore and involve them in some of the studies we conduct around the basking sharks. The guys soon spotted some sharks and from memory we had around 6 sharks around us, along with some dolphins not far away we had to ignore (no play time for them!) After we had observed the basking sharks for a while and did some plankton sampling to demonstrate their food. We chatted about  basking shark conservation and their migration patterns along with why the Hebrides are so important.  Liz then kitted up with her snorkelling gear and we took her for a guided swim with the sharks. Of course as the pressure was on as we had a film crew with us, the basking sharks were playing hard to get in terms of getting good underwater footage! However at least the weather was fair at the time given our 'summer' and we managed to get the film shoot all done in the end - so it turned out very successfully! Let us know what you think about the programme, Shane always cringes when he see's himself like this!!! Don't wind him up too much about it!

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