Epic Whale Safari, Orca, Humpbacks & Fin Whales

We're now into winter, the water is cooling down and the basking sharks have long left our shores here in Scotland. Over winter we are still very busy organising the following season, working on all the scientific data on the sharks, gear & boat maintenance and all the not so fun jobs! However there are also amazing wildlife events happening over this period, in particular we have been running whale safari tours to Norway for the last few years. The winter season of 2013 was our first and we've returned every year since! 

With a huge biomass of herring over-wintering in the coastal fjords, this in turn attracts probably the largest gathering of orca (killer whales) in the world to feast on this fishy bonanza. It's not only the orca, but also many humpbacks which have travelled from the Caribbean along with the gigantic Fin whales, the second largest mammal on the planet! 

During this spectacle we are treated to watching some amazing surface action of the whales. Howverer in reasonable conditions and within a code of practice, we also swim with them! Normally this would be with orca and humpbacks but we have been lucky enough to also witness the fin whales too! 

Our tours are usually in January in line with the migration path of herring, however we travelled in November this year to check out the early migration and boy did we hit it at the right time. We had wonderful Aurora/northern lights shows on the first and last nights (too cloudy the other nights) and the water temperature was very reasonable despite our location being in the Arctic Circle! Check out some of Shane's pictures below (full set on facebook with link below) along with a short video from the first couple of days. We have some spaces left for January 2018 and are now planning November 2018 so find a link to the tour page here.



A male orca underwater with a snorkeler and free diver in the background










Free diving with a large male orca in Norway










An orca surfaces at night










Orca at sunset in Norway










Humpback whales diving in Norway










Aurora borealis / northern lights in Norway

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