Expedition Clean Up Mull - Huge Success!

Well only 10 days after we found the mess over Easter (see here for the blog on that), we organised a crowd-fund, volunteers, disposal and the assets to complete this mission! Well done to everyone who helping and donated their time! 

We left Oban around 8am, to make the 50km journey along the south coast of Mull to the remote waterfall bay. The wind had picked up to a ittle stronger that was forecast but no probem for the Redbay RIBs. Cearban had been stripped to give the most deck space and Rannoch had left from Oban with our volunteer beach cleaners.  Upon arrival our fears about the swell were true but it looked do-able! A few 1m swells nearly caught us out but we safely landed everyone on the rocks as the clambered along to the beach.












The hard work then started as all the plastic was piled up, bagged, cut up, sorted out over the next few hours. Although, with the wind and swell the problem was going to be getting it back to the boat via dingy. We tried dragging them along the rocks and landing there but this took time and too much graft.












Luke then donned his drysuit and he waded out through the waves when we zoomed in between waves which really saved the day with being able to get everything off in a decent time. 











We soon filled Cearban and then loaded Rannoch till we got to a point where we could take no more and we had run out of time. Quick look around the waterfall and then back to Oban. 























A lovely gent from Argyll & Bute Council turned up and with Janie's Terracycle project and a lot of sorting onshore from our helpers meant that we recycled around 2/3 of it rather than it going to landfill. This was a great result after being able to make such a difference on the actual beach.














However there is still a lot left on the actual beach, what couldn't be taken was bagged up in 1T bags (thanks Jewson's Oban for donating). We were a little short on cash, which we've re-crowdfunded and we're just waiting on another weather window to go back and recover the rest!



















Thanks to Cam (Coastal Connection) for allowing Rannoch to used, we of course did the same with Cearban, with Shane & Luke organsing. Argyll & Bute Council for disposing, Janie & Ross for their Terrcycle help along with helping on the day. Then Jos, Kyle, Gary, Catriona, Stuart, Andrew, Maggie & Sarah.

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