Filming Basking Sharks

We've had a strong start to the shark (pre)season! We've recorded over 20 sharks ourselves with many more public sightings coming in. Although some areas such as Cornwall or Ireland have some sightings the numbers are insignificant compared to the Hebrides! Again it shows that the Hebrides are the best place in the UK for basking sharks and indeed the whole world. Our scheduled shark tours start in May with our four day 'hebrides experience' shark tours. Check out the itinerary here and book the last remaining spaces.¬†In addition we will also be running our Seal & Lagoon trip through May and June where we take clients to experience one of the best ocean spots in the whole of Scotland! See more about these tours here. Over the last few weeks in amongst our season preparation, last minute tours and our own shark research we also managed successfully execute a ¬†filming basking sharks project. We have been working with Duncan Campbell (Turner prize winner 2014) to enable filming basking sharks for his arts project. Given our expertise in the area we were highly successful in getting Duncan and his team into the space where they were able to get the shot's they needed despite the pressures of the project. To be able to execute this mission in one day and achieve great results shows we have the skills, experience and asset to complete these types of project. For future enquires contact us here. [caption id="attachment_3211" align="aligncenter" width="900"]Basking Shark, Filming, Mull, Coll, Duncan Campbell, Filming Basking Sharks[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3212" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]Basking Shark, Scotland, Argyll, Coll, Mull, Shark making a bow wave with it's nose![/caption]  

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