Free Diving Scotland

Over the last few years our tours have been increasingly popular with free-divers, who are people with advanced snorkelling and breath-hold skills. Traditionally this discipline has been associated with competition and depth targets. It conjures up images of tropical water, corals reefs and the Instagram generation! However we run tours around locations in the Scottish Hebrides which have amazing unpolluted water, iconic wildlife and a broken coastline from volcanic activity and the power of the Atlantic. This makes for one cool playground!

We wanted to tun a trip that could be accessed by people with these free-dive skills for extended bottom time, for example to interact with wildlife, or explore deeper coastal areas. These folk also have increased fitness/watermanship skills too which means we can spend more time in the water and explore more challenging locations.  At the end of last season we ran a specific free dive tour to cater for people with these skills.

We tried to encompass the best of the spots we have found over the last few years such as interesting underwater topography, swim through caves and interesting reefs. We had a specific day to explore around Fingals cave and some unexplored caves areas. It was also at a crossover time that we could include some interactions with basking sharks & seals too. To finish of the tour we had a training & yoga session day. We also have a manta board that we tow behind the boat which gives people and idea of flying underwater - it’s super fun! We had an international group from England, France, Germany, Holland so it was great to have such a mixed bunch.

It worked out to a be a really great trip! With the only location we didn’t get to was the remote bubble cave which lies in a very exposed position. Something for next time! See below for an impression of the tour! We’ll be hopefully repeating this again in the future, so keep in touch. Of course we can also run it for specific free diving groups so get in touch if you want to put together a trip!

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