New Basking Shark Clothes

Check out our new basking shark scotland branded gear! Inga doing a great job to model at our marina base in Oban this week!

Our online shop is still showing our usual basking shark offerings such as the hoody, tshirts, mask straps, books etc, but our new product has been in testing for a while! Our new range of cool clobber is a neck gaiter (otherwise known as a buff), basically a fleece and cotton neck warmer that can pull up over yoiur face. Thye are certainly great to keep your face warm and have been tested by Luke in the high arctic where they are essential rather than a nice addition! However ours has a basking shark addition of the shark logo right on the front, which can sit right over the mouth - we think they are pretty cool!

All our branded goodies, books, DVD's and other small items are available in our online shop. Please find the link here.

We do keep a stock of our standard black clothing, but any custom colours or lettering needs to be a special order.


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