SharkCast - New Podcast out! Filter Feeding Sharks & Lois’s Maldivian Mantas

In this episode Rachel & Shane have a chat about filter feeding sharks (planktivoires) e.g basking sharks, whale sharks, mega mouths, mantas etc. A quick delve into lots of questions about basking shark food, where they go in the winter, what do basking sharks eat in the winter. We also touch on some of our previous research on marine plastics around basking shark feeding areas. 

Then we have a catch up with guide Lois who is working this winter in the Maldives with the Manta trust. She's having lots of fun in the sun, essentially guiding trips out to see the big flap flaps whilst collecting scientific data. The best part about her job is sending these rest of the basking shark crew pictures of white sands and sunshine on our whatsapp group!!! haha!

The podcast is available on all the usual areas e.g Apple/Android, but you can also listen online here. 

Here's a pic of Lois working 'hard'.......!

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