Swim with Orca, Humpbacks & Fin Whales - Tour Video

You may have seen our updates via social media about our highly successful tour this year. We've been heading up to the Arctic circle for the past few years and this season was by far the best one! We had the privilege of being joined by many Orca, Humpback and even Fin whales during our snorkelling and free-diving trips. There were many sea-eagles, seals and otters along the coastal fringes of our beautiful base and many nights with Aurora borealis/Northern lights. Check out some of the footage from Luke & Shane shot on the tour, and put together in another great film by Luke. For more details on the winter 2016/2017 tour see details on this link. http://baskingsharkscotland.co.uk/swim-with-killer-whales/

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