Barra & Outer Hebrides Expedition

Our original tour in 2020 was unfortunately knocked out with Covid and 2021 certainly hung in the balance but thankfully measures eased enough to allow us head to the islands for our rescheduled dates!

The weather is always the main challenge for exploring in this area with the islands fully exposed to the Atlantic swells and wind! However that's also what makes the area so special with the wildlife, history and culture all mixed together in a big melting pot!

Here are some of the highlights from our trip in May! We'rereally  looking forward to next year, to re-visit some of the places we reached and also explore some we didn't get to. We will be running two trips back to back so there will be two weeks to choose from - or if you really want to see it all then why not come for both! See here for details of how you can join us!





Eriskay & S.S Politician

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