Visit the Carsaig Arches by Boat!

Visiting the Carsaig Arches by Boat!

The Carsaig Arches are a wonderfully remote secret spot on the Isle of Mull and one of our favorite coastlines!

The popular internet guides all point you towards the 5-6 hours walk to get there from the tiny village of Carsaig. However a far easier way is to go via boat! For us, the Carsaig Arches lie around an hours boat trip from our base in Oban and is the quickest and easiest way to reach the area! However for those already on Mull there can be pick up points in Craignure or even via dingy from Carsaig village itself. 

The coastline has amazing geology, cliffs over 300m high, seabirds flying, whales and dolphins leaping along with the more adventurous options for exploring the area!

We sometimes visit this area on tours such as the spring adventure tour, which you can book on as an individual or couple. However the best way is via a private charter where you can bring up to a group of up to 12 people. 


Landing Tour to Carsaig Arches

To be able to explore the arches on foot then we would land you via dingy from our main boat at a conveniant place on the adjacent coast! As this is an exposed area you would need to be fit and able to land from a small boat onto rocks so suitable footwear is advisable. The sea can be very calm and allow us to directly land at the arches themsleves but it would be more likely at another rocky outcrop which would lead to a short walk to the arches themselves!

Snorkelling, Wild Swimming & Extreme Showering!

For the adventurous types we can run this trip on an adventure basis adding in wild swimming, snorkelling, kayaking, SUP! Nothing is really extreme so we can tailor it to most ability levels! For groups with mixed interests then we can combine some of the activities with landing on nearby white seaches for lunch!

Combined Activity - Land to reach the Arches & Beaches

Here are a few examples of the stunning locations we can visit in combination with the above or as an alternative!


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