What’s the sea temperature in Scotland - how cold is it!?


One of the questions we get asked most often, when talking about our swimming and snorkelling tours, is how cold is the water?

The sea temperature here varies between the seasons but during the summer months the water warms up to 16 degrees, staying warm through September! The gulf stream is the driver of our warm water and given our Latitude (56deg N) we would be a lot colder without it. It also means the west coast of Scotland is warmer than the east coast and our winter temperature doesn't drop as much as the east.

It's what also drives our summer vagrant visitors e.g ocean sunfish, leatherback turtles and why palm trees grow here!


Don't worry if you are not ready to face the cold water on your skin our 8mm premium rental suits will keep you perfectly toasty for our swimming trips. We also have a 7mm suit which are good for day tours or those that like a bit more freedom of movement. If you want to bring your own gear then we also have advice documents on what's suitable and what's not. Believe us - we've seen it all!. Check it out here.

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