Swimming, Snorkelling and Diving

Do I need to be a qualified diver?

All our interactions are via snorkelling so no scuba diving experience is required. You should be a confident swimmer or snorkeller and have the ability to swim at least 100m in open water and good general fitness to board the boat via a ladder. You will also need to complete a self-certification medical form before undertaking the activity. For those not quite so confident, we do offer courses, where we can build your water skills in sheltered areas before taking you out with the sharks.

Can I SCUBA dive on the trips?

If you are keen to SCUBA dive we include a dive on our week tour where we stay on the islands. However we do arrange specific scuba trips too: please see the activities page on our website. 

Can I come if I don't want to swim?

You are very welcome on our tours. You will have a great experience watching all of the action from the boat without getting wet. You will be able to help us collate sightings of the sharks which will help with the understanding of the sharks. You are able to participate in all other activities offered during our excursion such as island landings to see puffins and Fingal's cave.

We also run full, non-swimming charters, island landings, passenger transport and more so please get in touch if you have bespoke requests.