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Home of the only dedicated basking shark tours based from Oban, Scotland.

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In our 2013 Season we had a trip success rate of shark sightings of 75% and we have recorded 172 official sightings for the database.

We’re currently working on 2014 figures but we had at least 147 individual sharks and numerous more submitted by the public.

2015 trip dates are found in the calendar here. There are still more to be added over winter. You need to book early to avoid disappointment.

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We’ve also just launched our 2014 season video! See below.

shark gift voucher example 2 150x150 Basking Shark ScotlandChristmas 2015 – Gift Voucher Offer

Our gift vouchers are popular during December and this year we’re doing a special deal. Our most popular vouchers are for our one day shark and seal trips however they can also be made for our longer tours or for a nominated value. However for the special deal we’re knocking £10 off the price of a one day shark swimmer tour, full equipment hire & our famous shark toy! The retail cost of this is £190 but the offer price is £180. The idea being is that you wild safari sea life basking shark 150x150 Basking Shark Scotlandcan purchase the voucher and gear hire as the full experience but also have the toy as a fun thing to give as a present. Following booking we will post out the shark toy asap, along with emailing the completed gift voucher so you can print it off, wrap it up or work out however you want to present it! More details on the booking process can be found on our gift voucher page, click here for more info on how to book it.


sharkpass sml 150x150 Basking Shark ScotlandWe offer single, two and three day, week long basking shark swimming and wildlife excursions to the Inner Hebrides, where our mission is to provide great interactions with basking sharks and the abundant wildlife of the area. Our main focus is boat based and an in-water  swimming or experience with basking sharks, snorkelling and diving.

Our basking shark Scotland tours are organised from May to September to coincide with the shark’s migration to the area where they feed on the abundant plankton. We also combine our tours with snorkelling with seals and amazing wild swimming spots.We also organise the Coll of the Sharks festival. See here for a video from 2013 and information on this years festival.

Being divers and underwater photographers we love to travel around. We organise scuba diving trips, will be organising a dive to some of the worlds clearest water in Iceland and swimming with Killer Whales in Norway.

We are able to cater for a variety of people on our shark swims that can range from underwater photographers and videographers who wish to obtain amazing footage of these gentle giant, to recreational divers and snorkelers, along with non-divers who wish to achieve unforgettable experiences. For those not so keen on being just so close and getting wet, you are made very welcome as one of our shark watchers on board the boat. We want to make the experience the best it can possibly be so please do not hesitate to ask us any questions you might have. You can contact us here.

This is a completely natural experience and as such there are no guarantees of seeing basking sharks, however since our trips cover more ground than any other operator on a speedy highly seaworthy vessel – our trips one of the better chances of seeing the sharks, our normal trips cover over 80- nautical miles so it’s a whistle stop tour of the hebrides.  Our area of operation is a known basking shark ‘hotspot’ and is also widely known as one the best areas in Scotland for prolific marine life. In addition to the regular shark sightings, our trips include whales, dolphins, seals, golden eagles, puffins and many other seabirds. Combine this with the stunning scenery of Argyll, volcanic wonders of Fingal’s Cave, historical landscape of castles, abbeys and ruins- there is a huge amount to take in!

Here’s a taster on what we got up to in 2013 – what an awesome season!


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