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basking shark feeding around the Isle of Coll, Hebrides, Scotland.

Podcast Shark-Cast

Welcome to Shark-Cast! The only podcast about basking sharks, brought to you by Basking Shark Scotland. See our latest episode and archives below to dive into all things basking shark with our staff and exciting guests. Listen wherever you get your podcasts.

Episode 1

Shark Cast - Our First Episode

Shane & Luke introduce our new podcast, talk about the recent trip to Norway and discuss the basking sharks’ new classification as endangered.

Episode 2

Highlights of Trips Gone By

Shane & Luke look back over the past seasons and pick out their favourite bits.

Episode 3

Return of Shark Cast. The Crew Review the Funniest Bits of 2021

Shane & Rachel are joined by our wonderful crew members Isla & Jack to relive the best bits of the 2021 season.

Episode 4

Baby Basking Sharks! Life, History, Wildlife, Penguins and Baby Sharks on St Kilda

Shane & Rachel are joined by Clare Henderson and Craig Nisbet, the wildlife and archaeological rangers on the incredible Isles of Kilda.

Episode 5

Filter Feeding Sharks & What Lois is getting up to with the Maldives Mantas

Find out more about filter feeding sharks such as basking sharks, whale sharks, megamouths and mantas. Special guest catch up with our guide Lois on her work in the Maldives with the Manta Trust

Episode 6

Basking Sharks - Your Questions Answered

Rachel & Shane answer all of your questions about our favourite shark. Read more here

Episode 7

Happy World Basing Shark Day!

To celebrate the first ever World Basking Shark Day, Rachel & Shane share their favourite basking shark facts and our audiences facts & stories.

Episode 8

How did the Basking Shark get its’ name?

A whistle stop basking shark tour around the world to find out how the basking shark got its’ name. You can also read all about this one here.

Episode 9

Global Basking Shark Genetics and Shark Slime with Les Noble.

How do you collect basking shark DNA? In this episode we speak to Professor Les Noble about his long term study into basking shark genetics.

Episode 10

Our 10 year anniversary - how it all happened!

Episode 11

Head Guide Luke Returns - Sperm Whales, White Sharks, Hammers, Antarctica & Seychelles

Episode 12

Basking Shark Surveys with Colin Speedie

Episode 13

Basking shark hunting with Colin Speedie

Episode 14

Hebrides & Clyde Basking Shark Research with Mauvis Gore & Rupert Ormond

Episode 15

Scottish sharks. We chat to James Thorburn chat about spurdogs, flapper skate, tope, porbeagles & more!

Episode 16

Do basking sharks breach? I.e do they jump out of the water....!

Episode 17

2023 Guides Ben & Evan chat about swimming with basking sharks and mid season trip highlights.

Episode 18

Protecting the Basking Shark against Bycatch with Jean-Luc Solandt from the Marine Conservation Society

Episode 19

BSS 2024 Crew Chat