Basking Shark Scotland

Basking shark & wildlife adventure boat tours from Oban, Scotland

Basking Shark Scotland offer high adventure, low impact, eco-conscious tours run by our fantastic team of marine biologists. Come visit the biggest basking shark hotspot in the world and spend time with these gentle giants in the abundant waters of the Inner Hebrides. Dive in and see the wildlife and geological wonders for yourself.

Choose the thrill of swimming with the sharks, or watching them from the boat. With a high powered, fast vessel that can cover a lot of ocean miles, we offer the best chances of seeing these gentle giants in the wild.


Early season – basking sharks start their migrate back, we run our varied island exploring and wildlife adventures!

Island Exploring


High season – July to September is the peak Hebrides basking shark season.

Peak Basking Shark Time


Late season – September & October sees the start of the southerly migration, when we run research trips. Along with Seal & Lagoon tours & Scuba Diving.

Research Trips


During winter we run our overseas tours including Swimming with Orcas in Norway. Along with Scuba Diving based in Oban.

Overseas tours

The Ultimate Wildlife Encounter

Basking Shark Scotland is a pioneer in Scottish basking shark tours. Although there are other boat-based wildlife tours around, this is the only dedicated trip with the main purpose of seeking out and interacting with basking sharks.

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These shark tours are about experiencing free wildlife in their own environment, so it’s not a manufactured experience like visiting an aquarium. Because of this, we can’t guarantee sightings of basking sharks; but because our trips cover more ground than any other operator, on a speedy, highly seaworthy vessel, our trips give you a great chance of seeing them.

The longer tours feature basking shark sightings along with diving, wild swimming, snorkelling, whales, dolphins, seals, golden eagles, puffins and many other seabirds in their natural habitats. Combine this with the stunning coastal scenery of Argyll, the volcanic wonders of Fingal’s Cave, a fascinating historical landscape dotted with castles, abbeys and ruins – and you’ve got a feast for the eyes and emotions!

Our basking shark tours are popular, especially during high season, so you need to book early to avoid disappointment; add yourself to our email list for the latest announcements.