Who is this suitable for?

Is there an age limit?

Yes - our minimum age is 8 years old. All under 16s must be accompanied by a parent/ guardian. Our tours are adventurous with long days at sea sand are not suitable for young children. 

Private charters are available for families with younger children. Contact us for more info.

How fit do I need to be?

For those wanting to snorkel on the tour, we advise that you should be able to swim 100m comfortably in open water, along with general fitness to enable boarding a boat via a ladder. 

In Coll, due to fluctuating tide levels we may have to use a vertical pier ladder to board the vessel. 

On certain tours we use a small dinghy to transfer from the boat to shore - the terrain can be very rocky and rough with no structured pier/ pontoon. You will need to be able to get on and off the dinghy. Our guides will be there with you.

Are there any medical restrictions?

Anyone with a serious pre-existing medical condition should consult their GP before booking ANY of our trips.

All participants are required to complete a Declaration of Medical Fitness for Snorkelling form (under 18s need this countersigned by a parent/ guardian).

We welcome everyone on board - if you have concerns about accessibility please get in touch with us.

Do I need any qualifications or experience?

No qualifications are necessary to come on our trips. All interactions are snorkel based so no SCUBA qualifications are required.

Snorkel experience is not required but would be advantageous in order to get the best from the trip. The more confident you are the better.

You MUST be able to swim at least 100m in open water unaided. Our shark interactions are in open exposed water. Your wetsuit will aid your buoyancy but you should be comfortable in these conditions. 

Do you provide snorkel training?

We run occasional snorkel courses for complete beginners - contact us for more details.

We don't provide training on our tours but you will be guided by our experienced staff. Our Seal & Lagoon Tour is great for beginners. The bay is very sheltered and shallow and great to test the waters.