For advanced snorkellers and those experienced with breath-hold, apnea and free-diving then our part of Scotland provides some unique and stunning locations.

You are able to free-dive on our normal tours and you can enjoy great encounters with our wildlife such as seals using free-diving techniques. 

The areas we visit are normally 5-15m depth so our focus is more on quality dive time and interactions rather than chasing depth. The whole point of free-diving is connecting with the underwater world so it's great a way to explore it. 

We have a bespoke free-diving tour in 2017 based on the best locations using our experience over the last few years. The tour will be held in September which is when the water is at its warmest and we have a range of site options throughout the islands. See here for more details.

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50% deposit required and tours balance will be due 4 weeks in advance.