Basking Shark Spotted off Gibraltar

A basking shark have been spotted off of Gibraltar at the weekend! It was initially reported there was some hysteria around the shark sightings but marine authorities identified it as a basking shark and hence no threat to humans. The local police took to twitter to warm beach goer's and raised red flags for a true Jaws moment, maybe the chief was called Brody! Although joking aside large white sharks have been known to travel in Med so there is a chance that it could have been a predatory sharks. ¬†However you may wish to consider that if it was a large predatory shark, would it really have any threat to us anyway!? However that's a whole other discussion about sharks and their bad reputation! The¬†Mediterranean has sightings of basking sharks during the winter months, however there hasn't been conclusive evidence as to their movements, locations or motives. Another mystery in the migration cycle of North Atlantic basking sharks! It also highlights the need for protection of basking sharks are they are true sharks without borders. They have heavy protection in Scottish and UK waters but what about when they leave us after summer? It's just as important to protect them outside of our waters than in them! We're awaiting the first arrivals of Basking Sharks back to our shores and we had the first reported arrivals in the whole of UK and Ireland in 2015, lets hope we continue the trend for 2016!  

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