Hebrides Big 5 Challenge

Hebrides Big 5

Our new challenge for our guests in 2016, come and see the Big 5! Of course the basking shark is at no 1, but the other 4 species are our regular and iconic species we see on many of our tours. The Hebrides top 10 is an extension to this and is a little trickier and will require our longer tours and a little luck to catch up with the Bottlenose dolphins who are always coming and going in the area! However we are making the challenge a little more lucrative with a prize for the person with the most sightings on one trip!  See below for the entry details and scoring category! Basking Shark Minke Whale Harbour Seal Porpoise White Tailed Eagle

Hebrides - Top 10

Common Dolphin Grey Seal Otter Puffin Bottlenose Dolphin

Hebrides - Rare 5

These are rarer species, but ones which have been spotted most years in the area. You need to be lucky to see these (sunfish are the most commonly sighted of the rare 5) but not only will you have witnessed an amazing sight, it will boost your points tally. Oceanic Sunfish Orca (Killer Whale) Leatherback Turtle White Beaked Dolphin Risso's Dolphin How the points system works! For the Big 5, you get 20 points for a basking shark, 5 points for the other species and 10 points for completing the 5 (maximum of 50 points). For the big 10 you get 5 points per species and 25 points for completing the big 5 and top 10. For the rare 5, you will get 25 points per species! In order to enter, each species needs to be verified by your guide on the tour, either by them seeing it or via a photo you have taken. The species list will be then brought back to the office after the tour to be logged in our sightings system. To go in the prize draw, firstly submit a trip advisor review with your points total     Underwater Big 5 Nudibranch Pollack Green Crab Velvet Swimmer Crab Dead mans Finger Birds    

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