Isle of Mull - Waterfall Bay- Expedition Beach Clean 2018 - Day 1!

After visiting this bay on the Isle of Mull on one of our tours over Easter we found this stunning coastline covered in plastic. Within 10 days, we crowdfunded, organised a crew of people and clean-up material for an expedition beach clean! 

The difficulty is the location which is exposed to the Altantic. This makes it a stunning place to visit but only in the right weather. The location also means that all the plastic is concentrated there. 
The bay lies around 90min (50km) from Oban so we needed to use our fast RIBS to take both volunteer cleaners and all the plastic back, having to dodge the swells on our dingy to get people ashore and rubbish off. Once we returned to Oban the debris was sorted and over half of it was recycled rather than put into land fill. 

Our only issue was that we could not bring everything back in one go due to the vast quanity which was on the beach. We have since raised some extra cash to fund a second hit which we will be doing once the weather allows. Thanks to everyone who donated and helped on the day to make this amazing clean up happen! 

We can now go back to this stunning bay with our international guests without having to explain the big mess in our back yard. However there are plenty more beaches which could do with being cleaned. We are looking at extending our funding to do cleans all over our exposed island beaches.

Although this was a huge effort, it really was a drop in the ocean...we have spotted a number of beaches on our travels that we can organise similar events for. So get in touch if keen to volunteer to be an expedition beach cleaner and if you can help out with a small donation for the cause see here - https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/remotebeachcleanisleofmull

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