WISE Master Accreditation - Responsible Wildlife Operations

Our passion for wildlife ensures we set a high standard to our operations and we are proud to announce that we now have been accredited to WISE Master Status. The WiSe scheme is the UK standard for wildlife watching operators and master status is the gold standard award. 

Much of the materials in this scheme is based around standard marine life operations however we are very unique in what we do with basking sharks. We have created our own stringent code of practice for operating in close proximity to the sharks, more of which can be found on this link.

Although we do run wildlife watching tours, all our operational staff have marine science qualifications and we have an active science programme based on basking sharks. 

The science project has been running since 2012, where we have been collating basking shark sightings. During our tours we collect a variety of data along with running specific scientific projects such as looking at the southerly migration. We operate a public sightings scheme for basking sharks and for more information about our project then check out this link.

Along with the sharks we do collect basic sightings data on our cetacean sightings (porpoises, whales and dolphins) along with rarer species such as sunfish and leatherback turtles. We even take an active interest in the local white tailed sea eagle population (given their reintroduction in the70's) and communicate sightings and interesting occurrences to the RSPB and local project representatives. 

We are highly commited to responsible wildlife tourism and coninued scientific study. You can find out a little more about us here.

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