Our first basking shark & wildlife tour of 2020!

We've just finished our first week along with some day tours, since we could restart operations after Covid lockdown. It's been a crazy and very stressful time trying to manage all the re-arrangements, and the constant changes. 

We were rewarded after all the dramas to have an amazing time on the water. We had plenty of basking shark action, common & rissos dolphins, along with feeding minkes & humpbacks. It was lovely to visit the puffins after very few visitors this year and we've noticed a lot of behavioural changes on the island. The calm weather even allowed us to swim in Fingals cave at Staffa along with some nice encounters with grey seals!

The day tours were also really lucky with great weather and lots of sharks! These trips are the biggest roll of the dice but for these passengers then their gamble paid off We're into our next week tour and with the weather being mixed we've still managed to get out with the big fishes! We're all looking forward to what the next few weeks bring out on the Atlantic!





















































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