Basking Shark Map

Kodak Disposable Camera – who knew!?

Feb 20 2015

Kodak disposable camera captures amazing basking shark images,

Gwen and Maddie had pre-booked a one-day trip to search for sharks in the Hebrides accidentally leaving their GoPro all the way home in Australia. Unfortunately, their bad luck had continued with being on one of the high-season days we couldn’t find any sharks. That’s nature, but they did however have a great time when we visited the seals and lagoon in the afternoon. They captured some nice pictures of the seals playing around them in nice visibility, along with exploring the reefs and white-shell sand beaches, with a disposable kodak they had picked up lasgt minute! They had an enjoyable time with us along with the cameras working well and remaining true to their waterproof feature! Unfortunately, Maddie had to move on to other things but Gwen was determined to try again! She booked another day later that week and secured the very last seat on the boat. She still had one camera left after the first-day trip ….! So this was her last chance! As the cookie crumbled, Gwen’s second day was to be the best shark day of the entire season and the weather was even settled! On that day they were treated to the sight of numerous dorsal fins on the horizon, the sharks were everywhere -woohoo! We officially recorded around 30 sharks on our sightings sheet but the anecdotal conclusions from our staff were that there must have been ‘hundreds around’. Needless to say, the guests all had an amazing time and encountered one of nature’s magnificent spectacles! These are times when everything comes together at once and it’s you’re luck whether you are in the right place at the right time on a particular day!


It was also Gwen’s last day in Scotland as she flew home the very next day. What an amazing memory to take home from our wee corner of the world.  Fast forward to February 2015 and Gwen finally (back in Australia) gets her photos developed! Much to her surprise the little cameras had captured some amazing pictures of the basking sharks. She sent them over to us and we love the grainy/film look of them. The quality is great given the cost, specs, and size of the camera! It’s also a cool story as to how the pictures were captured and all the factors that went against her having that experience! We had to share it with you as all was not lost with the GoPro being left in Australia! Although mum Gwen still has the shark bragging rights over Maddie – (sorry Maddie we’ll get you out again in the future!) See below for a few more of the pictures – Gwen has done a great job with the wee point-and-shoot camera – Go Gwen!

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