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Our oldest ever basking shark swimmer!

Nov 12 2019

Naomi, our oldest ever basking shark and fingals cave swimmer

Am I too old to swim with basking sharks?

This is a great story from our 2019 summer! Naomi travelled on one of our week tours and became our oldest-ever basking shark swimmer!

We had discussed what’s involved in our adventurous tours beforehand but we were a little concerned about her fitness as we hadn’t met her before. However, on the tour, it was obvious from day 1 that she was going to be just fine and she was a big hit with all our staff! Naomi had a great sense of adventure and didn’t say no to any of the experiences we offered up! Full of enthusiasm and stories from all her travels, she entertained all her fellow tour mates too.

She donned her 8mm hire suit with ease, snorkelled around kelp forest and with seals. Of course with the basking sharks, realising one of her last bucket list animal experiences and in the end also managed to swim into Fingal’s cave!

After a great week together she left us all with the feeling that we hope we could all be like her aged 83, what a brilliant example! Her story made a number of news reports who shared her awesome story. Check out the links below.

How old do I need to be to swim with basking sharks?

Whilst we love to encourage a passion for sharks and marine life in children, the Atlantic conditions are not suitable for very young swimmers. There is a minimum age of 8 for all of our tours, though for those with very experienced and enthusiastic little ones we can arrange private charters!

Here is Shane & Nikkis daughter seeing a huge basking shark for the first time, what an incredible moment!

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