One Day Basking Shark Tour

Our one day basking shark tours run exclusively on Saturdays during the peak period in July/August and are based from the Isle fo Coll. Otherwise during calm weather when we have recent sightings we also can run this tour April-June when the sharks first arrive back from their migration. 

You have the opportunity for a full day of wildlife watching and searching for basking sharks. The trips are tailored to those who want to swim but we also have people watching on board who have a great time. Everyone onboard can get involved in the science project, recording sightings and other important information about the sharks.

However there are always chances we can’t find them in one day which you must prepare for – this is nature remember! If you want better odds then we would suggest one of our multi-day tours, all of which have a higher success rate. Our one day success rate in 2017 was 75%, 2-3 day tours 83% and 4 days + 100%. 

For those wanting to swim/snorkel with the sharks then we have very little time to teach you any skills. To make the most of the experience we suggest having some practice before you come, or come on a longer tour so you have a chance to learn with our guides.

Please see our itinerary below.


There may be last minte trips April/May/June/Sept when we have good sightings and weather or we can run private charters for groups wanting to try their luck outside peak team. The other options is the Seal & Lagoon tour which we can see sharks on the journey over (however this is not a shark tour but you won't see them if you're not on the water).

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After catching the early ferry from Oban you will arrive around 9am to the Isle of Coll where we will pick you up from the ferry terminal. Please make sure you have brought lunch and visited the bathroom as we'll want to head to sea straight away. 

Your hire gear will already be on board and we'll give you a briefing as to what to expect and the plan for day, along with doing some paperwork.


We will search for basking sharks along the coast of the islands. During this time there is still plenty wildlife to spot and everyone can be on deck getting the most of the experience.  Once we have spotted a shark, we will carefully watch its behaviour and if it looks to be relaxed, the swimmers will prepare for the in-water experience with the shark following our code of conduct.

You’ll have a few chances to swim with sharks during the day, however interactions are dependant on what the sharks are doing.  Watching from the comfort of the boat is just as exciting, and a little more relaxing than all the swimming efforts! The trip will give you approximately 6 hours of time in which to look for and interact with sharks in the hotspot.


We'll plan to be back to Coll for around 5pm where we'll land you ashore and you'll have a few hours to explore the village. You will have some time for a quick look for the resident otters or some of the other wildlife that lives in the bay. You will also be able to have an early dinner at the cafe or hotel before catching the ferry back to Oban.

What's Included

  • Knowledgable guides
  • Hot drink & home baking snack after your swim
  • Amazing wildlife, scenery and culture
  • Onboard binoculars, books and information guides
  • Swim/Snorkel Opportunity
  • Get involved in the shark research programme 
  • 7mm equipment hire for snorkelling is include- see here for information. This must be booked in advance!
  • Transfer to/from Ferry Terminal

What's Not Included

  • Weather or wildlife guarantees! Sorry we’d love to be able to do that but we really do believe that our trips give you the best chance of seeing sharks. Our success rate in 2017 was 75%
  • Lunch - please bring your lunch with you.
  • Accommodation on one day tours
  • Travel to the meeting point on the Isle of Coll (ferry information here)