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Shark-Cast Episode 2 – Goodbye to Luke

Mar 13 2020

Finally we can announce that the next episode of our podcast, Shark Cast, has been released

Although in this episode we have some sad news that Luke has headed off overseas and won’t be with us this shark season! He’s been our head guide and skipper since 2014, so we reminisce about some of the epic encounters and experiences we’ve had over the years! We’ll hopefully be catching up with him in the next episodes as we hear about some of his global adventures!

This episode of our podcast is available on our host here and will be populated on all podcast hosting sites soon!

Here’s a few links to videos and reports from the specifc trips we talk about, so you can watch or see the action after you’ve heard us talk about it. Although if you have some memories of epic times with Luke, we’ll start a facebook post so you can add pictures or stories!

Ready to join us on an adventure?