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Our Boats

We use Redbay Cabin RIBs for our tours which are custom built for the Atlantic and are very strong and reliable. They are fast and comfortable boats with enclosed spaces to keep you protected from the elements with seats and space for all of your gear. We cruise around 20 knots but we can do over 30 if the need arises. During our search for wildlife we slow down to a searching speed allowing us to spot things much more easily. These boats are built for speed, space and rough weather handling along with being highly manoeuvrable. The boats carry chemical toilets on board. For more images of the boat then see here.

For media and private/commercial charters then see our info sheets and pdfs on the boats and services here.

Cearban Mhor

Our flagship! Like the rest of the boats she's a Redbay RIB, and a 12m version. She is complety customised for our trips has 8 cabin and 4 shelter deck seats with a toilet. Powered by twin V8 320hp and in full black - she's completely stunning. Owner Shane is the skipper of this vessel.  For more pictures please see here.





She is an 11m RIB which has 12 aircraft style seats with covered canopy cabin along with space for luggage in the bow. She is suited for the longer journeys with the increased passenger protection and used on our peak season shark tours. Or as an additional vessel outside the summer.  She is usually skippered by Cameron.




She is a 9m RIB with short cabin and canopy cover. She is little more exposed but provides much better visibility during good weather. She can be converted to a dive boat, has a dive ladder and inverter for electrical supply. With more deck space and visibility we usually use her with film crews. She is usually skippered by Shane.


We use her during the busy time as an additional vessel or for our luxury and private tours. She is a 12m offshore style RIB which has a full cabin with toilet/shower and galley. It is a much high specification however comes at a higher costs. She is usually skippered by Struan.