Why us?

We are the only company to offer specialist basking shark tours from Oban, Scotland. We use a fast and comfortable vessel and our crew are highly trained and experienced. We use a tailored code of practice to ensure that our encounters do not impact the sharks. In addition to the sharks we can snorkel and swim with the playful seals in the area too. The area we operate in is known as a wildlife hotspot where we can see many species of cetaceans, seals, eagles, otters and red deer. Our multi-day tours include overnight stops where you can experience the vibrant culture and historic landscapes along with shore based wildlife encounters and exploration. Our itineraries can include visits to the Corryvreckan whirlpool and the towering basalt columns of Fingal's Cave. Combine the exhilaration of swimming with Scotland’s largest shark, encounters with other wildlife, the stunning Scottish scenery and exploration of remote areas, these tours will leave you with memories for life.

Are your staff experienced?

Our skippers are highly experienced in the local waters and have run charter boats for many years. Our guides all have marine science and professional diving qualifications along with a passion for the ocean. 

What time of year is best to visit?

Our wildlife season runs from April until October and you can join us for many different exciting trips.

The sharks migrate here for feeding and (possibly) mating, arriving some time around April-June (the exact time changes year on year).

Peak season is mid July to end of August is when we focus on shark trips.

Then we have a final aggregation in September/ October prior to their southerly migration.

For more information on the sharks click here.