About the Basking Sharks

Can you tell me more about the sharks?

Yes, please visit the Basking Shark page. This provides a brief run down on the history of the basking sharks in Scotland and how they were hunted until 1994, along with information on where they travel, what they eat and how big they grow.

What are the chances of seeing the sharks?

This is a completely wild experience, not a zoo or an aquarium so we can’t ever guarantee sightings. However the area has been designated a ‘hotspot’ for sharks and given the distance we cover, you have the best chance of seeing sharks. Our advice is that the longer you are able to spend with us, the better chance you have. 

Won’t we be disturbing the sharks?

We are very aware of human activities affecting marine life. Our staff have qualifications in marine biology and a passion for sharks and marine conservation. Our company has developed it's own code of conduct to ensure our activities do not affect the sharks. See here for more details.

What will we see?

Our trips focus on the basking sharks, but the area we operate is known as one of the best places for wildlife watching. See the gallery for some great images from our tours. There are chances of spotting the following:

  • Common and bottlenose dolphins and porpoises
  • Minke whales and even orca (killer whales) arespotted on occasion
  • Common and grey seals
  • Otters
  • Golden and white-tailed sea eagles
  • Seabirds such as puffins, fulmars, gannets, skuas, guillemots and razorbills
  • Rare visitors include leatherback turtles and sunfish (Mola mola)